Delmar is a company specialized in services related to customs clearance, logistics and international trade, with 40 years of market experience. Headquartered in São Paulo and also operating at Santos port and Guarulhos and Campinas airports, Delmar is prepared to provide agile and quality customs services – be them related to air freight, shipping or ground transportation.

Delmar is a solid and well reputed company with a team of expert professionals with broad experience and capacity to offer a differentiated service to simplify the management of its clients’ customs operations.

Active since 1974, Delmar is proud to have a wide range of clients in its portfolio including large companies and groups that are leaders in their market segments – bank automation, technology, robotics, petrochemistry, lathe, among others – and also relevant clients of the consumer goods industry such as furniture, domestic utensils and toys.

Delmar’s structure, experience and high level contacts established over the last decades enable the company to offer the best solutions for the structuring, operation and control of your business’ import and export operations, with efficiency at customs clearance and other logistics and consulting needs.